Natural Home DeodorizerMany store bought air fresheners contain chemicals that decrease air quality in your home.

Why use chemicals when you can freshen your home with amazing natural smells that also assist your immune system, increase your mood, and kill infections.

Just add a few drops to any ionic diffuser and enjoy the magic.

Cypress has fresh, woody aroma. It is uplifting, it supports confidence and creativity, and helps with focus.

It can also assist with:

Citronella Java has fresh lemony aroma. It is calming and help to reduce negative emotions.

It can also assist with:

Lemongrass has very distinguish uplifting aroma. It is calming and energizing. Lemongrass is great deodorant.

It can also assist with:

Lemon has fresh woody aroma. It helps with concentration and is very good when you need to study a lot. This essential oil promotes joy, strength and clarity of thoughts,

It can also assist with:

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“The Fragrant Mind”, by Valerie Worwood

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