Many essential oils were historically used to enhance sensual experience. But not all of them have actual biological aphrodisiac effect.

The following essential oils were historically used as aphrodisiacs. Most of the “erotic” effect comes from calming properties of these essential oils:

Here are some blends to diffuse in the room for your Valentine evening.

Mars Blend: (Buy Essential Oils on-line)

Cardamom – 2 drops

Sandalwood – 3 drops

Siberian Fir – 2 drops

Neroli – 1 drop

Venus Blend(Buy Essential Oils on-line):

Rose – 1 drop

Neroli – 1 drop

Myrtle – 3 drops

Love Potion(Buy Essential Oils on-line):

Sandalwood – 3 drops

Ylang-Ylang – 3 drops

Patchouli – 1 drop

Orange – 3 drops


To make a massage oil from the above blends:

  1. Blend oils together in a separate bottle – this is your stock bottle. Increase the number of drops proportionally to make enough to fill the bottle.
  2. Shake gently
  3. Add 5 drops from your stock bottle to 1 oz bottle of jojoba oil.



Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

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