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Rainbow – Aromatherapy Session

See your life in full color. This session combines a series of modalities: Chakra evaluation – to determine current imbalance Dosha evaluation – to determine the treatment most helpful for your constitution Aromatherapy – custom made essential oils blend will be applied to marma points to assist with balancing and removing blockages and self-subotages Reiki […]

Dosha Balancing (Marma Therapy)

Doshas can be balanced with Marma Therapy – an ancient Ayurveda practice. In the essence it is the application of the very light circular movements and essential oils appropriate for client’s constitution to the Marma Points. In many cases the practitioner will also use Reiki Therapy and essential oils. Marma points are mostly located at […]


Green Tara Meditation

Green Tara Meditation Massage

Green Tara is revered by Tibetan Buddhists as the enlightened energy of compassionate action.  She helps to overcome fear and anxiety, but has also been credited with eliminating suffering of all kinds and bringing happiness.  She responds swiftly when called upon, but is always present.  Working with her energy helps us to remember and to […]