Cold Prevention for Kids with Essential Oils
Cold Prevention for Kids with Essential Oils

With news splashed all over TV and internet you must have been living on the moon for the past month if you don’t know already: “Mystery respiratory virus hit kids across the country”.

Well, probably not that mysterious. But who can sell the newspaper with this kind of headlines.

Current “mysterious” Enterovirus D68 made headlines this year by infecting kids across the country. The symptoms range from mild to severe cold. It was first discovered in the 60th. It is not deadly. But still extremely unpleasant.

So how you can protect your kids? Many essential oils have antiviral properties. You can use just one or blend 3-5 antiviral oils together. Use them in ionic diffuser, steam inhalation or massage oil

Our Favorites:

We have most of the oils in our shop. Be careful not to include any citrus oils in the massage blend. It makes skin photosensitive

Marina’s favorite:

Combine in a small bottle. This is your stock bottle.

Use any single oil or your stock bottle:

  1. Diffuse in the room with ionic/cold diffuser (add drops per manufacturer’s instructions). This is a great way to “treat” your kids when they come back from school and you don’t know what they were exposed to. Diffuse in your child’s bedroom at night with the first signs of infection. Do not use Lemon or Orange for this purpose. They might disturb sleep.
  2. With the first signs of infection and during the cold: add 15-20 drops to 0.5 oz. of the carrier oil (cold pressed oils: olive, almond, jojoba) and massage this oil into the chest 2-3 times daily. The smaller the child the less oil you need. DO NOT use this method on children under 5 years.
  3. Steam inhalation works well with the first signs of infection and during the acute stage: put 2 drops in 1 cup of hot water, inhale under the towel for 10 minutes 2-3 times a day.

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