Grief, Love, Strength

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My happy 25 years of marriage ended cruelly and abruptly with my husband’s heart attack. The death is the most final… No appeals.. no bargains… no reprieves…

I lost. I went into shock. It was unbearable. I never heard myself scream that way.

There and then I decided that I will not be defeated. Not by the Death of all things.

“Doctor, heal thyself.” I used my skills to pull myself through that vicious year. Grief went biting me back in a new brutal ways every time I thought I am through. And finally I emerged. The dawn was worth the fight.

These 6 one-hour teachings are my gift to you.

If you ever lost the loved one (a husband, a lover, a parent, a child or a friend) this class is for you.

“Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you” Sartre

We will meet every two weeks. I will teach you meditations and techniques to use grief, sorrow, anger and despair as a building blocks for a stronger happier you.

You will learn:

  1. Meditation to help with despair
  2. Meditation to use the power of Grief for healing
  3. Finding peace through meditations and contemplations during each stage of grieving (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance)
  4. Purification – clearing emotions and old patterns
  5. Tools for happiness – by a guest speaker Dr. Natalie L Winters, Ph.D., TEP, licensed psychologist, certified psychodramatist, certified hypnotherapist, motivational speaker
  6. How to finding new purpose

Each teaching, meditation and exercise will be recorded and available on-line for later reviews.


About Marina Lando

Marina Lando, MS, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Aromatherapist, and the author of "Dynamic Healing, a practitioner's guide to Reiki applications" Marina Lando is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. She is the founder af Harmony Life, locally owned healing Reiki center and academy in Cary, NC. The center offers wide range of healing modalities: Medical Reiki, Clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic treatments, Infrared Sauna in Cary. Marina offer classes and workshops: Reiki I-III Certification and Reiki Maste - 10 CE credits for massage therapists, Aromatherapy, Chakra System, Dynamic Healing workshops (where she teaches Reiki Protocols she developped) - 16 CE credits for massage therapists She studied complimentary medicine with her grandmother since the age of seven and continued her education in natural healing techniques through adult life. Her current practice includes Medical Reiki , Aromatherapy and Guided meditation.