Frankincense and cancerDoes Frankincense has cancer fighting abilities? The answer is Yes. Boswellic acid shows that it can kill cancer cells in a petri dish.
Can essential oil of Frankincense fight cancer? The answer is NO. And before you accuse the author of this article and certified aromatherapist of participating in a global conspiracy to kill cancer patients, let’s look at the scientific facts.
Frankincense resin contains boswellic acid. But this molecule is too big and too heavy to become volatile and be extracted into the essential oil. Molecules that are capable of evaporation have molecular weights below 300.
Unfortunately for us boswellic acid weight is in the range of 450-500. I read about one distiller who claimed to manage to extract boswellic acid. However, the GC/MS report showed that his essential oil contained only 1% of boswellic acid. Not a very high volume to be used in any effective treatment.
The two essential oils of Frankincense we offer to our clients (Frankincense – Boswellia carterii and Frankincense (Sacra) – Boswellia sacra) have no boswellic acid in them according to GC/MS test.
How can you protect yourself from the fraud? Always ask for the GC/MS report for the essential oil. Any reputable company will provide it. And if you see no significant amounts of boswellic acid in Frankincense oil – don’t use it for cancer treatment.
And before you ask: NO, it is a very bad idea to grind Frankincense resin and use it in your morning smoothie.
If you want a more natural approach to cancer treatment find a holistic doctor in your area or an acupuncturist or an ayurvedic doctor and make an appointment.
Be informed and be safe.

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