Do you know that originally – thousand of years ago – Aromatherapy was used mostly by men? Unfortunately, the modern man tries to stay away from all these “girly” things. Can you imagine your golf partner saying: “Sorry, pal, can’t do golf on Friday, got to go to an aromatherapy session”?Swedish  Massage

But for the ancient Romans, gladiators, and Greek athletes it was a common past time (golf was not yet invented by Brits, of course, so there is no way to say what those guys would do having a choice). And many well-to-do Romans spent their Friday afternoons at the expensive “termas” (saunas), enjoying steam, talking to friends, drinking water with snow brought by swift couriers from the nearby mountains, and having the most luxurious massage with essential oils.

Egyptian Pharaohs spent endless hours surrounded by servants who anointed them with all kinds of most expensive essential oils. In fact Pharaohs treasured essential oils so much that they took them into the afterlife.

So what is so special about essential oils? And why should the modern guy return to the ancient practice of receiving aromatherapy sessions on a regular basis?

Essential oils can assist:

* With performance and endurance – they sooth and relax tired muscles. Gladiators received special essential oils massage on a regular basis.
* With strengthening the immune system – it is not very “mucho” to have frequent colds. Essential oils where used by many rulers to help them to stay healthy. Napoleon showered himself after the morning bath with rosemary cologne every day.
* With vigor – many essential oils can improve you love life. Rose was used since the ancient times during the weddings to calm nervous groom and as aphrodisiac – thus the tradition of throwing rose petals at the marrying couple.
* With improving overall health – most of the modern drugs are just variations of chemicals found in plants and essential oils. Three Wise Men did not bring Jesus essential oils just because they wanted to give something expensive: frankincense and myrrh were the most potent anti-infectious agents you could find during the Bible times.

Many men regard smell as “non-macho” attribute. But do not cancel your aromatherapy session just because you are going to the stag party in the evening. Skin absorbs most essential oils immediately, and the smell disappears quickly in a matter of minutes or in a couple of hours the most. People around would not notice a thing. On another note: natural aroma of essential oils is not considered by most people as offensive, because of its natural source.

And last but not least: never put non-therapeutic grade essential oils on your skin because you never know what was added to extract it faster and cheaper or smell better.

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