Dosha? Most likely you never heard of it (unless you go to the Ayurveda doctor). Do I have one? And why should it keep me  worried?

In plain English Dosha is our constitution. At birth our DNA predisposes who we are, how we look and how we react – our constitution.  Ayurveda recognizes three main constitutions or Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When our constitution changes because of environmental or emotional stress or because of our own choices of food and lifestyle- we might get sick.

Vata constitution people are easily excited, artistic and can never stick to the same routine day after day. When you think Vata, think of an artist. In the animal kingdom a crane is a perfect Vata.

Vata imbalance might result in: Hyperventilation, Anxiety, Extra bone tissue, Insomnia, Pain, Tremors, Hypersensitivity, and Diarrhea.

Pitta people are full of energy. Think business owner or a leader. They have tons of ideas and all the energy in the world to implement them. In the animal kingdom a horse is a perfect Pitta.

Pitta imbalance might result in: Hyperacidity, Hypertension, Skin problems, Spleen problems, Bleeding disorders, Abscesses, Inflammations, Excess menstruation.

Kapha (pronounced Kapa) people are solid as a rock in appearance and emotions. They like fixed agendas, well-traveled roads and are slow to change. In the animal kingdom an elephant is a Kapha.

Kapha imbalance might result in: Uncontrollable hunger, Hypoglycemia, Edema, Swollen glands and lymphatic system, Obesity, Premature ejaculation, Excessive sweat, Frequent urination, Excess flow of breast milk.

Excessive Doshas can be balanced with Marma Therapy – another ancient Ayurveda practice.

In the essence it is the application of the very light circular movements and essential oils appropriate for client’s constitution to the Marma Points. In many cases the practitioner will also use Reiki Therapy and essential oils. Marma points are mostly located at the same positions as acupuncture points. To simplify you can think of Marma Therapy as acupuncture without needles.

Balanced Doshas might help with many health issues triggered by constitutional imbalance in our body.

Curious what is your constitutional type and how it impacts your health? On-line questionnaire is coming soon.


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