Let’s face it: we all make New Year resolutions. And most of us never do a thing. Why? Because most people create an action plan without realizing that they are not ready. It is a powerful thing self-sabotage. We all recognize this confusing moment when you really want and need to do something and cannot.

The latest research showed: unfortunately for us we make most of our important decisions in subconscious rather than in our rational mind. And most of our toxic emotional blockages reside in our subconscious. So no amount of good intention and strong will can overcome it.

To help yourself to release these blockages make a simple list of “self-care” items, not “action” items.

Want to lose weight? It is a huge undertaking. And you successfully sabotage yourself by “rewarding” a chocolate ice-cream at dinner time for skipping a hamburger at lunch…. Not good. Not good at all. But what if instead you reward yourself with something pleasant that requires no calories intake and is good for you? No, I am not talking about the exercise. How about a relaxing massage or a soothing Reiki session? Both modalities will reduce stress making a “reward” unnecessary.

The trick is to make a list of rewards that will help you remove blockages and self-sabotage patterns and be happy and fulfilled.

The following is a simple short list. Feel free to use it as a template and change according to your needs:

New Year Reward list Why?
Once a month I will have a massage/Reiki/Facial/sauna session Because these modalities help to reduce stress. Reduced stressed means:

  • better decisions
  • less junk food
  • more sleep
  • more things are done
Lunch will be my biggest meal of the day and I will indulge myself Because it assists better metabolism.Better metabolism means:

  • better sleep
  • less hunger
  • better detoxification
  • less stress
I will use more essential oils at home instead of toxic fragrances Because essential oils help to improve mood and kill infections.Less colds means:

  • more time to play
  • more time to work
  • less need for “comfort food”
I will read more and watch less TV Reading is fun:

  • improves your mood
  • trains your brain
  • helps to make better decisions
  • helps to remove emotional blockages
  • better sleep
  • less stress
I will spend more quality face to face time with my friend and family We are social animals, we need real face to face interactions to feel good.Feel good helps:

  • be happy
  • experience less stress
  • achieve more
  • struggle less
  • take self-care seriously
  • finally do all the things you put o

New Year Resolutions


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