7StagesofLifeAs we grow we develop physically and spiritually. According to the Vedic knowledge we go through the 7 stages of life. Each stage is meant to help us fully develop our spiritual and emotional qualities. Each stage is powered by one of the 7 Chakras. When we fail to evolve during the appropriate age serious emotional and physical problems may develop later in life.

Medical Reiki through Reiki Protocols, color therapy, aromatherapy, metaphoric and Tibetan meditations can help remove blockages and support an individual to achieve the spiritual and emotional levels appropriate to his or her age freeing the way to a more fulfilling life.

Let’s look at the 7 life stages and their connection to the Chakra system.

Stage 1.

Age: birth – 14 years. The survival stage is dominated by the 1st Chakra (Root or Base Chakra). During this crucial stage we develop the foundation for healthy life and strong relationships with family and friends. The fully properly developed Root Chakra gives us a stable base that will keep us balanced during the times of emotional and physical stress. As poor nutrition makes us vulnerable to infections and all sorts of physical problems, emotional wounds inflicted (and not healed) upon us during the childhood can completely undermine our efforts to build a stable happy life later.

Psychology:  In stage 1, basic physical & emotional needs are being met in order to develop a sense of trust and confidence with others and self. In this stage we also learn the sense of competence and initiative. When a child is given freedom to select personally meaningful activities, he/she will develop a sense of trust and independence and are more likely to follow through projects. If these needs are not met in the 1st stage, dependency, shame, guilt, fear and low self-esteem may develop. We may carry these emotions subconsciously throughout our life and can sabotage a healthy relationship with others and our own sense of self.

Medical Reiki: There are many Reiki protocols that help balance and unblock the Root Chakra including the use of Forgiveness and Relinking meditations developed by Marina Lando and application of essential oils that are specific to Root Chakra.

Stage 2.

Age: 15 – 28 years. The age of the ego. The 2nd Chakra (Sexual or Sacral Chakra) brings us the full force of desires for sex, love and power. Until we learn to control them and reclaim the power of the Sacral Chakra we can be caught in the endless circle of self-indulgence (money, power, sex) that will ruin us and people around us, making it difficult to move forward to the next stages. The power of the Sacral Chakra is not just desires, but most important: creativity. The second stage is a perfect stage to start a family and have kids. However, this is just one of the opportunities presented to us. It does not matter what we decided to achieve: build a family or stay single, have many kids or none, become a famous artist or a simple accountant. As long as we made the decisions true to our abilities and desires we put another foundation block to help us grow and evolve.  When people do not acknowledge the requirements, opportunities and obligations of the 2nd stage they make themselves prone to endless heartbreaks and obsessions later in life.

Psychology: The 2nd stage is the time of transition from childhood into young adulthood where we learn about our desires (sex, money, goals) and limits (power). We are capable of learning new skills, special talents and develop our own creative style. We also establish a new identity through social/peer interactions, dabble with moral issues and life’s meaning. If this stage is not fully developed, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority about our capabilities can occur.

Medical Reiki: Our favorite Reiki protocols for processing the desires and unblocking the creativity involves 2 meditations: an ancient Tibetan meditation where a person compares himself to others to find no differences and Universe Creation meditation developed by Marina Lando.

Stage 3.

Age: 29 – 42 years. The 3rd Chakra (Power or Solar Plexus). The turbulent years are over (at least for the most people) and we enter the mental age. This is the age when the studies are over, the family is built, the kids are growing and we can safely enter the stage when we apply our knowledge and experience, discover, build, and create. During the 3rd stage we enter the periods of production and accumulation.

Psychology: In the 3rd stage, we seek to find mutually satisfying relationships through marriage and friends as well as occupying our time with creative and meaningful work. If we do not feel fulfilled in this stage, we become isolated, distant from others, and self-absorbed.

Medical Reiki: Numerous Reiki protocols help balance and unblock the 3rd Stage development including the application of essential oils that are specific to the Power Chakra. These protocols are also good to calm workaholics and over achievers.

Stage 4.

Age: 43 – 56 years. The age of spiritual maturity is brought to us by the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra). The Heart Chakra, the Chakra of unconditional love, helps us look at the world around us in a new way. We become truly aware of interconnected impact we have on each other, of the sufferings of others. We become kinder and wiser. We achieved what we wanted in life. We now give more than accumulate. Those who did not follow the natural flow of the first 3 stages might experience what we in the West call “Middle Age Crisis”. For some it will be a health crisis brought upon by excesses they indulged in during the 2nd Stage and beyond. For the others: an emotional heartbreak because of the loneliness (1st or 2nd Stage) or unfulfilled career (3rd Stage). Whatever it is there is still time to come to terms with what you are and change to what you want to be.

Psychology: The primary developmental task is to contribute to society and helping to guide future generations. When a person makes a contribution during this period, whether to raise a family or working toward the betterment of society, a sense of generativity and accomplishment results. This is the time of adjusting to the discrepancy between one’s dream and actual accomplishments. If we fail in this area, we may experience meaninglessness with a sense of mid-life crisis and become stagnant.

Medical Reiki: Reiki protocols specific for emotional release are often used to help with the Middle Age Crisis issues.

Stage 5.

Age: 57 – 70 years. The 5th Chakra makes us aware of our inner voice. It helps us to find our unique spiritual way making it possible for our soul to get ready to go back to the Light where it came from. We are content with our life surrounded by grandchildren, family, friends, students or followers. We share our wisdom and wealth.

Psychology: In stages 5 through 7, we look back and contemplate on our life and accomplishments. If we see ourselves as content and leading a successful life, we are able to develop a sense of integrity. If we see our life as unproductive and did not accomplish our life goals, we become dissatisfied with life and develop despair. This could cause depression and hopelessness. In these stages, through life experiences, we become wiser, have a sense of who we are and explore life as a retired person.  There is also a sense of emotional maturity and a bigger understanding of the meaning of life. Religion and spirituality is a big part of one’s life as they contemplate on how they would want to experience the remaining years of their lives.

Medical Reiki: Many Reiki protocols can be used to help people who are afraid to express themselves and share their experience and knowledge. Our favorites include the meditations on self-worthiness and self-forgiveness, color therapy and aromatherapy.

Stage 6.

Age: 71 – 84 years. The age of awakening is totally under the power of the 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra). This is the age when we become aware of our connectedness to the universe, when the “Me” separate from everything and everybody is dissolved and gets the way to “I” a part of it all. But it is also a time of loss as the generation we grew up with is reaching the end of the life.

Medical Reiki: Reiki protocols are used to help people to come to terms with death and loss. Color Light Meditations developed by Marina Lando, ancient Tibetan Morning Sutra meditation, color therapy and aromatherapy are often used to help people go through the 6th stage.

Stage 7.

Age: 85+. A thousand-petaled lotus of the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra) brings us together with the source of life. It helps to shed the physical body and attachments. It makes us content to finish this life and go wherever our beliefs take us on our afterlife journey.

Medical Reiki: Basic Reiki protocols are used to help people with their spiritual journey. End of Life Protocols can be used to ease the transition.

The age for each stage given above is approximate. Some people may need more or less time to move through each stage.

Authors: Marina Lando, MS, Reiki Master and Teacher and Timea Czumbil, MS, Reiki Master and Teacher


Medical Reiki and 7 Stages of Life
Medical Reiki, Chakras and 7 Stages of Life