Medical Reiki, Chakra Evaluation and Balancing, Spiritual Healing

Medical Reiki: 60 minutes ($85)

Each Reiki session starts with evaluation to help Reiki Therapist to determine the appropriate Reiki protocols, Essential Oils, Meditation, Color and Crystal Therapy, that will be most beneficial for the client.Benefits – Reiki Sessions might help to:
Reduce stress, Reduce pain, Initiate self-healing, Assist mainstream treatments, Assist fertility, Balance meridians, Chakras, Marmas, and Nadis

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Chakra Evaluation and Balancing:  60 minutes – $85

Chakras effect our emotional and physical state and might effect our health and success in life. We offer a complete Chakra evaluation and balancing sessions. Learn what holds you back, what prevents you from achieving your goals. Session includes: Complete Chakra Profiling, Evaluation, Balancing using Reiki (delivering through Marma Points). This is the first session for each of our new Reiki clients.

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Rainbow (exclusively at Harmony Life) – 60 minutes $95

See your life in full color. This session combines a series of modalities: Chakra evaluation – to determine current imbalance; Dosha evaluation – to determine the treatment most helpful for your constitution; Aromatherapy – custom made essential oils blend will be applied to marma points to assist with balancing and removing blockages and self-subotages; Medical Reiki – the treatment is given to assist with balancing and to initiate the Chi flow after the blockages were removed

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Rainbow Session

Dosha Balancing – 60 minutes – $95

Doshas (your constitution) can be balanced with Marma Therapy – an ancient Ayurveda practice. In the essence it is the application of the very light circular movements and essential oils appropriate for client’s constitution to the Marma Points. In many cases the practitioner will also use Reiki Therapy and essential oils. Marma points are mostly located at the same positions as acupuncture points. To simplify you can think of Marma Therapy as acupuncture without needles.

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