Peace – Power Chakra Essential Oil Blend – 5 ml


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Ingredients: 100% essential oils of German Chamomile, Ginger, Cedar wood, Lavender (GC/MS testing results available upon request)

Peace essential oil blend is formulated to calm anger, rage and frustration.  It soothes Power Chakra and helps to look at the situation from a  different point of view bringing more compassion and happiness into your life.


  • Inhalation: use in cold ionic diffuser per manufacturer’s instructions during meditation or other quiet activity
  • Massage: add 10–12 drops to 1 oz of massage oil or lotion. Massage into solar plexus area
  • Emergency: open the bottle and inhale

Indication: Power Chakra imbalance, aggression, anger, irritability, misery, obsession, rage, trauma, repression, worthlessness

Supports: Contentment, confidence, focus, self-esteem, self-image

Recommended meditation:

  1. Become aware of all the anger the particular situation triggers.
  2. With each breath accept it as your own without judgment or punishment.
  3. Let the body heal your own anger.
  4. Become aware that other people involved in this conflict are experiencing anger too.
  5. Become aware that they all suffer from the anger as you do.
  6. With each breath-in accept their anger without judgment or punishment.
  7. With each breath-out send them unconditional love.

We use only 100% natural unadulterated low temperature extraction organic or wild crafted oils. GC/MS testing results available upon request.

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