Lando Medical Reiki 201.1


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Expand Reiki knowledge. This class presents an exciting opportunity to learn Reiki at the second (intermediate) level.

Reiki can be used to balance client’s energy’s, restore body’s coherency, assist self-healing and can be used along with other forms of bodywork..

In this class students learn three Reiki symbols and learn symbols applications. This online class provides NO REIKI ATTUNEMENTS. It provide training for Lando Reiki System of Natural Healing Certification. If you never had Reiki training before, please, register for live course with Marina or with your local Reiki Master.

Want to try before you learn? Book a session with Marina.

Students will learn:

  • Understanding the origins and philosophy of symbols
  • Three Reiki symbols:
    • Meanings
    • Applications:
      • emotional release,
      • guided meditations,
      • past life regression,
      • cleansing,
      • distant healing