Lando Medical Reiki 301.1 (Reiki Master)


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Deepen your Reiki knowledge. Learn how the energy flows. How it creates blockages. How to find hidden energy blockage. How to remove blockages with Reiki applicationIn this class students learn one Reiki symbols, receive one attunements, learn advance Reiki applications, and learn seven mediations to increase the energy and sensitivity.This online class provides NO REIKI ATTUNEMENTS. It provide training for Lando Reiki System of Natural Healing Certification. If you never had Reiki training before, please, register for live course with Marina or with your local Reiki Master.

Learning Outcome:

-Students will demonstrate proficiency in performing a full Reiki session on the Reiki III level, incorporating four Reiki symbols, music, color therapy and aromatherapy, on a client.


Learning Objectives:

-Students will demonstrate proficiency performing Reiki session and incorporate four Reiki symbols

-Students will demonstrate proficiency designing a session

-Students will demonstrate proficiency integrating Reiki with music therapy, color therapy and aromatherapy

-Students will demonstrate understanding of how energy blockage is created

-Students will demonstrate knowledge of doshas, chakras, marmas and their role in unobtrusive energy flow

-Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of how emotions create a blockage in human body and how to use Reiki application for optimum client’s benefits

-Students will be able to do seven different meditations that may be used for the purpose of opening the Reiki channel and increasing energy sensitivity