Let’s be fair: your doctor never tells you 5 things about Reiki, because unfortunately doctors are not trained Reiki therapists and know nothing about Chi movement in the human body. Ancient medical systems like Ayurveda (5,000 years old) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (3,500 years old) recognize the presence of the energy Chi (Prana) and its importance to health, emotional balance and life

In short: Chi for the body is like a software for computer. Without it – it is just a pile of hardware. When software malfunctions the hardware malfunctions. When the Chi flow in the body is blocked – the body gets sick.

  1. Reiki Therapy helps to decrees the stress level
  2. Reiki Therapy can assist with physical healing
  3. Regular Reiki treatments can help you to keep emotional and physical balance.
  4. Trained Reiki Therapist uses the ancient knowledge accumulated in Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine to help the Chi flow
  5. Reiki Therapy can remove hidden emotional blockages helping the Chi (Prana) move unobtrusive in the body
Reiki: 5 things your doctor never tells you