Reiki Session

What to expect during Medical Reiki session

Each Reiki session starts with evaluation to help Reiki Master to determine the appropriate Reiki protocols that will be most beneficial for the client.
Reiki session
Reiki session
Than Reiki Master chooses essential oils and healing music most appropriate for the current Reiki session, and customizes metaphoric meditation  for the client. Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Emotional Release, Past Life Regression and Dosha balancing might be added as needed. All these steps assure  gradual and complete blockage removal on all levels when the client is ready resulting in permanent recovery.

Benefits – Reiki Sessions might help to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce pain
  • Initiate self-healing
  • Assist mainstream treatments
  • Balance meridians, Chakras, Marmas, and Nadis

What is Reiki

Reiki is a healing modality in the long line of energy healing techniques. It all started 5,000 years ago with Ayurveda, the oldest functioning wellness systems in the world that is still in use by thousands of doctors today.

Reiki is a therapy that the practitioner delivers through the hands, with intent to balance the energy (Chi, Qi, Prana) of the client and to balance/open Meridians, Chakras, Marmas. It can be safely practiced with other alternative therapies, and with any modern medical treatments.


Reiki (as any energy healing before it) can be used to balance our energy’s, restore body’s coherency and assist in self-healing.

Numerous research in China and India showed strong connection between disease, emotions and our energy field. And doctors all over the world now use hundreds of energy balancing protocols to assist their patients.

Because Reiki helps to open and balance chakras it can dramatically improve effect of other therapies on the client.

Reiki is safe, and serious side effects have never been reported.

Never use Reiki as a replacement for medical treatment.

Reiki 101

Reiki, a Japanese complimentary medicine therapy, can be called “the most misunderstood and misused therapy of the last one hundred years”. Its bad luck started with the introduction to the West at the worst possible time. The war between the USA and Japan was inevitable. Everything remotely Japanese was rejected with revulsion. Very few people knew about Chakras, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Ayurveda, Martial Arts or Feng Shui – all these systems and practices that are based on the understanding of the circulation of energy or Chi within the human body.


To make Reiki more acceptable, the ancient teaching of Chi was slightly modified to fit the Western mentality and in the process many important points were missed. To make the situation even worse Reiki was banned in its native Japan along with Acupuncture and other Eastern healing traditions during the American’s occupation in 1945.

With its roots cut, Reiki led an odd life and was used for many things that it was not intended.

Let’s clarify some history: Reiki was discovered by the person who practiced Chi Gong, an ancient Chinese tradition of bringing Chi energy into harmony in order to help body to heal itself. Reiki is the next step in a long tradition of energy balancing, not a completely new discovery. Now everything falls into place and we can explain what it is and what it is not:

  • Reiki CAN balance Chi in human body – yes, Chi energy exists and can be measured by AcuGraph ;
  • Reiki IS NOT a religion;
  • Reiki CAN balance Chakras, Marma points and Meridians – those who claim that the human body produces no energy field might also stop using the EKG; in 1929 the Nobel Prize was awarded to W. Einthoven for the discovery of heart’s electricity and as we know electricity produces an energy field;
  • Reiki CANNOT make you fly or become rich;
  • Reiki CAN help with pain management – 15% of American hospitals use Reiki;
  • YouTube or any other video CANNOT attune you to Reiki or heal – the frequencies of the recordings are different from Chi frequencies or any other healing frequencies;
  • Reiki CAN help to increase your energy level – some experiments shows that the level of hemoglobin increases after Reiki attunement;
  • Reiki Master level CANNOT be achieved by a novice with just a weekend class – there are three levels of Training: it takes at least ten hours class and four attunements to achieve level 1; then at least a month to learn the energy and develop skills at the first level; then another ten hours and two attunements to learn level 2; it takes even more time to master level 2; and another class to get to the master level and endless hours of practice and teaching to become a Reiki Master;

Reiki, as a no cost technique, can be used along with Ayurveda in less developed countries.

How to choose a Reiki Master?

Check qualifications and ask for certificate:

  1. Only a Reiki Master can teach classes and do attunements
  2. It takes time to become a Reiki Master. Nobody can learn to become a Reiki Master in one weekend
  3. It takes a Reiki Master to teach a Reiki Master. Nobody can learn Reiki by watching DVD or receiving on-line/distant “attunement”
  4. In Japan only practicing Reiki Master can get permission to teach a class. There are no such requirements in the USA. But if you plan to use Reiki a lot, you might want somebody with experience to guide

The Short History of Reiki

In the beginning of the 20th century in Japan, the quest for knowledge and ancient wisdom was surpassed only by the skill and art of natural healing. The energetic healing practices of Acupuncture and Qi Gong were inherited from China thousands of years before and had become an integral part of the culture. As in other cultures of the time, energy healing was a way of life, not an alternative. In Japan, life force energy was called Ki. The Chinese called it Chi and in India, it was known as Prana. It was during this time that Mikao Usui of Japan discovered a healing method that would eventually be utilized throughout the world. He called his system Reiki.


Mikao Usui was on a quest for enlightenment. He had studied the meditative movement practices of Qi Gong to an advanced level and was a student of Shinto Buddhism. According to legend, he was frustrated by the slow pace of his progress and asked his Buddhist master for help. The answer he received was that he should “die one time.” Desperately seeking answers, Usui went to mount Kurama Yama to practice the “shyu gyo” a spiritual discipline, including fasting and meditation for 21 days. At the end of the 21 days, Usui felt a great energy, became enlightened, and acquired a healing ability, which he called Reiki Ryuhi.

Upon returning home, Usui began using his healing ability on others. After further study in Shinto and Mahayana (Mikkyo) Buddhism techniques, Usui discovered Reiju (an empowerment method, now called an attunement) and Hatsurei-ho (a cleansing process for the body, mind and spirit). Through these methods, he was able to directly transfer his healing ability on to his students without the need for lengthy training. The first record of Usui giving Reiju was in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1922.
One of the few Reiki masters that Usui attuned was Chiryo Hayashi. After Usui’s death, Hayashi took over his clinic and continued to use and teach Reiki. In 1938, Hayashi attuned Hawayo Takata to the master level and allowed her to bring Reiki to the United States.

Reiki – beyond mambojambo

Reiki is a healing modality in the long line of energy healing techniques. It all started 5,000 years ago with Ayurveda, the oldest functioning wellness systems in the world that is still in use by thousands of doctors today.


Ayurveda is the art of longevity, the art of living happier and healthier days from the beginning to the end of our lives. And the longevity of the system itself is a living proof of its effectiveness. It is about lifestyle and balance, and it is so simple and so easy to adapt to any condition that UN declared that it can be successfully used to improve general health of the population in undeveloped countries where resources are scarce and problems are plentiful.

Yoga is a part of Ayurveda. And as it might surprise many of its fans was not developed as the aid to losing weight, but as a daily practice to keep our mind, body and body’s energy (Prana) in balance.


What energy? And why does it need balancing? Ayurveda recognizes that our body has an energy field that affects our emotional and physical state. This energy field was called Aura, and it consists of Chakras, Marma Points and Nadins.

For example: Ayurveda teaches that closed or damaged Base Chakra affects not just our stress level, but our relationship with parents and siblings as well, and might cause leg pain , lower back pain and various skin problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine that evolved approximately at the same time also recognizes Human energy field and divides it into Acupuncture points and Meridians.

Acupuncture points system is very similar to Chakra/Marma system. Nadins are similar to Meridians.

Many of you might be familiar with Qi Gong (pronounced chi-gung) and Tai Chi. Both are practiced with the same goal as Yoga – to balance the body’s energy (in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is called Chi).


There are many schools of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. As one of the Tai Chi teachers told me: many rivers – one principle. The only setback that Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi have in common is that one has to practice for many years to achieve the ability to control the energy (Prana, Chi or Ki in Japanese).

The great achievement of Reiki is that it overcomes this obstacle.

At the beginning of the 20th century Japanese Qi Gong practitioner developed a new modality that revolutionized the way one can learn basics on how to control Chi in a very short period of time. His name was Usui Sensei and he called it Reiki.

Reiki (as any energy healing before it) can be used to balance our energy’s, restore body’s coherency and assist in self-healing.


Numerous research in China and India showed strong connection between disease, emotions and our energy field. And doctors all over the world now use hundreds of energy balancing protocols to assist their patients.

Reiki opens the door. It is the beginning of your fascinating journey into the magical world of Chi healing and endless possibilities.

Reiki healing: 5 things your doctor never tells you

Let’s be fair: your doctor never tells you 5 things about Reiki, because unfortunately doctors are not trained Reiki therapists and know nothing about Chi movement in the human body. Ancient medical systems like Ayurveda (5,000 years old) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (3,500 years old) recognize the presence of the energy Chi (Prana) and its importance to health, emotional balance and life

In short: Chi for the body is like a software for computer. Without it – it is just a pile of hardware. When software malfunctions the hardware malfunctions. When the Chi flow in the body is blocked – the body gets sick.

  1. Reiki Therapy helps to decrees the stress level
  2. Reiki Therapy can assist with physical healing
  3. Regular Reiki treatments can help you to keep emotional and physical balance.
  4. Trained Reiki Therapist uses the ancient knowledge accumulated in Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine to help the Chi flow
  5. Reiki Therapy can remove hidden emotional blockages helping the Chi (Prana) move unobtrusive in the body
Reiki: 5 things your doctor never tells you

For more information about Reiki benefits:

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