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Reiki training: What to expect

Reiki I class (approximately ten hours long) must have the following components: * 4 attunements * At least two hours must pass between attunements * Information about: history, changes, basic anatomy, basic Chakra information, application, hand positions for self-treatment and to treat others, hands-on practice, Reiki meditation (Gassho), scanning technique At least twenty one day must pass between Reiki I […]

Is Reiki Therapy Right For Me?

You may have heard a lot about “miraculous” healing people experienced after just one Reiki session. However, you must understand it happens to very few individuals. Is Reiki therapy right for you? Reiki therapists apply the Prana energy (Chi in traditional Chinese medicine) through their hands to specific points on the body to achieve balancing and initiate self-healing. But the […]

Reiki III Certification – 10 CE

Learn from the author of “Dynamic Healing, a practitioner’s guide to Reiki application” Marina Lando, MS, Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Aromatherapist, Published Author . Length: 2 days class – 10 hours total   Attunements: 1 Continuous Education Credits for Massage Therapists: 10 CE Pre-requisition: Reiki II Certification Dynamic Healing classes Chakra Studies class Max class size: 4 students Instructors: rev. […]

Reiki II Certification – 10 CE

Length: 10 hours total Continuous Education Credits for Massage Therapists: 10 CE Attunements: 2 Pre-requisition:  Reiki I class (we accept students that finished Reiki I with other teachers; minimum of 4 attunements required) Max Class Size: 4 students Instructors: rev. Marina Lando, MS, Reiki Master and Teacher, Aromatherapist. Marina Lando is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & […]

Reiki Session

What to expect during Medical Reiki Benefits What is Reiki? Reiki 101 How to choose a Reiki Master? The Short History of Reiki Reiki – beyond mambojambo Reiki healing: 5 things your doctor never tells you What to expect during Medical Reiki session Each Reiki session starts with evaluation to help Reiki Master to determine the appropriate Reiki protocols that […]