Did you ever wonder why you cannot be your best no matter how many self improvement books you read or how many motivational seminars you attended, or how many task management apps you have on your very smart phone?

Oh, the joys of self sabotage! What happened to your best intentions to

Well… look no farther than your mind. It is all there. Our mind is divided (unfortunately for us unequally) into conscious and subconscious. Approximately 30% of our mind is consciousness or rational mind.  It is there we try to do our best to make a rational decision… “My current boyfriend/girlfriend is not good for me.” You are about to… Meanwhile, in your subconscious, hidden, unprocessed emotions trigger your responses and make decisions for you. “But he/she loves me (and I have some bruises to prove it).”


And how many times did you try to start looking for a new job or a diet or go to the gym? Why is it always next Monday? Do you suspect that some of your decisions seem irrational? You are absolutely right.

This mechanism developed through the evolution meant to protect us in the world were split second decisions meant life or death. And it works perfectly well, unless you have toxic emotions. And most of us do.

First we need to understand what a toxic emotion is.

According to Ayurveda, a 5,000 years old wellness system from India, our body metabolizes food, air and emotions. If one of these elements is “hard to digest” we become sick.

Every minute we experience a constant flow of emotions. Under the normal conditions we recognize emotions and let our mind process them. Nothing to write about. When we experience shock or under a lot of stress, this is when things become unfortunately interesting.

When emotions you experience become too much, you recoil. You push them away, you try to fight them, to forget them, you do not let body process these emotions. “I cannot feel that…” “this is not happening…”, “I am going to explode…”.

Unprocessed emotions become toxic. They are already inside you. They sit in your subconscious , rotting, poisoning your life with misery.

BookNowImagine eating food full of toxins. Most of the toxins will be safely removed through the digestive system. When too many toxins come in, our digestive system becomes overwhelmed and instead starts storing toxins “for later processing”. That’s why detoxification is an important element of the healthy lifestyle. Detoxification “reminds” the body about stored toxins and helps to remove them.

But what about all these toxic emotions you accumulated through your life? Toxic emotions create blockages in your mind and your body. They might trigger pain, violent reaction to insignificant events or phobias.

People knew about toxic emotions and the role of subconscious in our life for centuries. Many very good techniques exist to help: meditation, marma therapy, dosha balancing, Reiki, aromatherapy.

You can find toxic emotions through:

One of the best meditation for toxic emotions is Tonglen. Reiki therapy to Marma points also helps.

BookNowMany essential oils help to release emotions. Just to name a few:

At Harmony Life we combined the best available techniques together to help Emotional Detoxification. It includes:

  1. Chakra evaluation to see which one is closed or malfunctions to determine the range of emotions to work with
  2. Dosha evaluation to pinpoint the toxic emotion that brings body and mind out of balance
  3. Essential oil blend to assist with emotional healing
  4. Meditation to help to process the emotion
  5. Marma therapy to balance Dosha and help body to heal (aromatherapy)
  6. Reiki therapy to bring body, mind and spirit into coherent state and assist with permanent healing

Chakra System

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