When CBD oil first came on the market I (unfortunately) did not pay any attention. Nothing CBD oil supposedly does cannot be done by application of well-researched essential oils (seizures is the only problem essential oils cannot mend). And I still don’t understand what the fuzz is about. Aromatherapy has so many safe options: pain – use Plai, depression – use Mellissa, skin problems – use Lavender or German Chamomile.

As CBD oil is aggressively marketed at GNC stores, at the gas stations and CBD dedicated stores are popping out everywhere… I feel it is my duty as health practitioner to address the danger of CBD oil.

In the past few months some of my clients ended up in the emergency room. In other cases, client’s pulse evaluation displayed sudden changes indicating significant distress to the physical body. In each case CBD oil as a “cure for all” was mentioned. After clients stopped using CBD oil body balanced back to normal and I see no indications of any significant long-lasting damage but in one cancer case. In this specific case I cannot say for sure that the damage was done by CBD oil but it maybe one of the contributing factors.

In this article I will not be arguing about healing properties of CBD oil. However, keep in mind if a plant is not commonly used by established healing schools like Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda it is a suspect.

Yes, marijuana is used in some of Ayurvedic preparations in small doses. The key word here is “small doses”.

Unfortunately, it has serious side effects and must be used with great caution. Ayurveda warns us of the dangerous long-term effects of cannabis. To name a few:

From the experience with my clients I must also add: CBD oil or marijuana usage closes Chakras (indication of physical and emotional imbalance), disturbs Doshas (indication of physical and emotional imbalance), and put Cell nature out of balance (indication of increased risk or rapid development of a disease).

As certified aromatherapist I am also alarmed by the following facts:

  1. Everyone claims to have 100% CBD oil. Only 20% of CBD oil on the market is 100% CBD. Some have no CBD oil (best case scenario) or significant amounts of THC oil (the main culprit of brain damage)
  2. No paperwork is readily available to consumer to prove purity claim.
  3. Concentration of CBD oil in preparations is unknown. Was it made from 1 gram of plant matter? 1 pound? 2 pounds? Ayurvedic preparations are made with small amounts of dried plants. Dried plant has significantly lower concentration of CBD and THC oils. Would you smoke or eat two pounds of marijuana in one day? More is not better.
  4. DIY articles and videos found on internet suggest extracting CBD oil by tightly packing plant matter into a jar with carrier oil and heating it. Sadly, this method also extracts THC oil.
  5. There is no information on dosage and protocols on how to apply CBD oil safely
  6. There is no clear information how CBD oil effects elimination channels (liver, kidney)
  7. There is no clear information how it interacts with prescription drugs and over the counter supplements
  8. There is no clear information on composition of cannabinoid oils. There are 113 cannabinoid oils with different properties.

My advice: stay away from CBD oil. We need more research and regulations on dosage, composition and safety.